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  • While the boat is on the trailer or at the dock, evaluate styling, gel coat lines/finish, upholstery, and quality of materials.
  • Evaluate entry into the boat from the dock. Notice the positioning of steps, walkovers, and nonskid.
  • Observe the space and seating arrangement in the cockpit and bow. Make note of the seat back angle for comfort and support of the seating surface to the back of the knee. Evaluate the depth of the freeboard and seat back height for both comfort and safety.
  • Notice how easy the all-new Type-E Powered Tower is to raise and lower your tower.
  • Evaluate storage throughout the boat. Notice useful storage for surfboards, wakeboards, skis, and other gear.
  • While leaving the dock or trailer, note throttle smoothness, and control. Evaluate engine noise level and power train vibration.
  • Set Speed Control. Note the ease of Zero Off GPS (if equipped) once underway.
  • Accelerate. Note how quickly the boat comes to plane. Evaluate bow rise and visibility during acceleration.
  • Execute “S” turns. Evaluate responsiveness, handling, and performance.
  • Make several wake crossings and note the following: ride comfort, hull vibration/noise, tower vibration/noise, flexing/vibration of the windshield, seat base, dash, and hull.
  • In calm water, evaluate the versatility of TAPS at wakeboard and slalom speeds. Note the wake and performance adjustability while up to speed.
  • GO System™ + TAPS 3T: When you're ready to surf, wakeboard or ski, utilize the GO System. With just the touch of one button, it sets the cruise control and sets your TAPS plates.
  • Sit in the driver's seat while the ballast fills and do a full-screen demonstration. Note the instrumentation layout, ease of use, and accessibility of the ATXperience Control Center.
  • Evaluate the ease of use when filling stock ballast.
  • Surf System: While underway, evaluate how easy it is to adjust the system for different rider styles and wave shape/sizes using the GO System. Note the ability to transfer side to side by the rider and the adjustability of regular vs. goofy waves. Note the versatility of TAPS 3T and achieving the same style of the wave, whether the boat is full of people and fuel vs. an emptier boat.
  • Evaluate the power and push of the wave. Note any safety concerns and the ability to control/steer the boat while the surf system is engaged.
  • Allow all legal drivers to drive and experience the handling, user-friendliness, and versatility of the boat.
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