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Convex V Hull


Wondering if we sacrificed hull performance in exchange for price on the ATX? Well, we didn't. ATX's masterfully engineered Convex V Hull and TAPS 3T technology make ATX the only inboard to feature full trim capability. From first-timers to pro riders, this duo is capable of providing you with the performance you've been searching for.


Versatility and simplicity are at the heart of every ATX. Whether you want to throw it down on a surf, wake, or ski set, ATX will serve up the goods.

PATENT #6874441

Our Convex V Hull (Patent #6874441) is curved up toward the transom with a continuous rocker similar to that of a wakeboard or surfboard.


No guessing was used in this process. Years, months, days, and hours were spent perfecting the Convex V Hull design to ensure you get the best performance out of your boat. Every millimeter has been calculated, sculpted, and proven to work in synergy with nature, the laws of physics, and, more specifically, the Coanda Effect— the effect causing fluid to adhere to a curved surface. NASA even wanted to know how we did it.


Competitors like to deploy plates or fins from the sides of the boat to essentially create a permanent hooking method when creating a surf wave. This method puts incredible strain on the boat and also your steering capabilities. Um, no thank you. Instead of a permanent hook, the Convex V and TAPS 3T give you precise control over the running attitude and wake shape. TAPS 3T can ensure you a smooth, hands-free ride while also dialing in the perfect wake for any sport, rider, or skill level.


Imitation is the purest form of flattery, and we appreciate it. The Convex V Hull and TAPS 3T, our patented system, is often imitated but never duplicated. Other manufacturers offer wake plates and drag hardware, but without the Convex V Hull shape they are unable to reproduce the power in our surf waves.


TAPS 3T, 3T meaning 3 TONS of pressure, maximizes the natural capabilities of the Convex V Hull. Powered by military grade actuators, there is no other system that can compare. This allows any configuration or running attitude necessary to create optimum performance using the product of TAPS 3T by shifting the Convex V Hull into its prime performance position.


The kids want to surf? You bet! Big bro wants to wakeboard? Sweet. Dad wants to dust off the old slalom? Go for it! When it comes to ATX, the versatility in the Convex V and TAPS 3T along with the Go System™ can guarantee to keep everyone's stoke tank full all day on the water.


Giving 100% effort is what we do here at ATX, but when it comes to surfing the ATX wave, it's not necessary. Full trim capability and the unique shape of the Convex V Hull allow you to dial in a clean sweet spot with enough push and power to keep you locked in all day with minimal effort.


Mom and Dad, this one's for you. ATX's Convex V Hull and TAPS 3T technology gives you the ability to make precise adjustments to running attitude, allowing the driver to soften the ride and reduce noise, always keeping passengers comfortable, safe, and dry. You're welcome.


When the whole neighborhood hears about you owning an ATX and is wanting a seat behind it, fuel is going to be the least of your worries. Our unique hull shape was designed to work with the flow of water. This combined with the Indmar Raptor engine and our precise torque ratios are sure to save you more than just your time at the pump.

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There’s only one real way to experience ATX. Let’s rock!

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There’s only one real way to experience ATX. Let’s rock!

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