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Albert Muller, Houston, TX | January 24, 2020

Texas Tigé is a terrific dealership

I am a recent buyer of an ATX Wakesurf boat. I am breaking the boat in now and am very pleased with the performance of the boat. The set up for surfing takes 5 to 10 minutes to fill the ballast systems, but everything thereafter is very quick and seamless. Much of the boat wave set up his via computer aided systems. All the systems work perfectly.

The dealership Texas Tigé at Lake Conroe on HWY 105 really knows how to treat a customer. Eric Jones has the very best follow up skills.

Chastan McRae | June 19, 2020

The Covid summer of 2020

The best purchase we could have made for my family during the corona summer of 2020.

Charles Zschiesche | June 6, 2020

ATX 24-S. At PK

I looked at every other boat in this category and nothing comes close in my opinion. I went with raptor 350 hp and it’s more than enough with ballast full and boat full of adults. Staff at Eagle Marine is phenomenal. Hadden, Daryl, Kandi, Colton, and Kyle have been great to work with.and would recommend this dealer if you’re in Ft Worth area. This boat throws a wake that can be easily surfed 15+ ft back. Easy to set up and just go! I wouldn’t change anything. Recommend all lengths in ATX

Michael Gordon | May 18, 2020

Comfort and Ease

My ATX boat is perfect. The Go system is so easy to use. With a couple of clicks the boat is set and ready to surf, wakeboard, or ski! It is super simple to fill the ballasts to get the perfect wave or wake. Even when I had 16 people in the boat, it still pulls adults up wakeboarding with ease. The whole family loves it and can't get enough.

Eric Boucher | March 11, 2020

Awesome Boat

I recently purchased and ATX 24S. I have been extremely impressed with this boat. It is my 3rd bot I have owned and been on a lot of other brands. It’s performance is right there with al of the top surf boats. I love the simplicity of the GO system. Germaine was so great to work with as a dealership and my salesman Adam was great I worked with him from the week they got their first ATX. He was very patient and knowledgeable. Even after the purchase he is always right there. Thank you!!!

Erik Gunderson | May 22, 2020

OMG...It's awesome!

Our family just got the ATX 24 and within 5 days needed the 25 hour service. We love surfing and this ATX delivers. What happens behind the boat is awesome! We are new to the ATX tribe and glad to be a part of it! Their dealership network was fantastic. Fit and finish is great and getting a HUGE surf boat that delivers the goods at this price is a NO BRAINER!


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