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ATXperience Control Center

Take Control

Everything you wanted in a helm? We made it happen, captain. Simplicity was key during the development of our dash. It gives you everything you need to have full control over your boat and its performance with just a touch.

Just Go

Guess what? Your boat’s already dialed in for you. When you’re ready to surf, wakeboard, or ski, simply just touch GO. It’s really as easy as that. The ATXperience Control Center syncs right up with TAPS 3T. The Go System will lock in your speed, surf and TAPS settings. Just select your wave steepness or wakeboard level and you’re on your way with an out-of-the-box bangin’ wake.

Touch It, Control It

Convenience is at hand with the 7-inch touchscreen (yes, a full touch screen). It's placed exactly where it makes the most sense — just to the right of your steering wheel, next to the throttle. Take control over audio, cruise control, lights, TAPS 3T, and way more.

Forward Looking

Take a seat at the helm and you’ll notice one thing right off the bat — you can see what’s happening in front of you. The ultra-low profile dash design gives you maximum visibility and safety, and helps keep your eyes, hands, and attention where they belong.

Your Move, Captain

The ReCline Captains Chair reclines, slides, and has a bolster — all standard on an ATX model. This is an unprecedented move in the value boat segment.

Never Look Back

The ATX RearView Camera offers a new perspective of what's going on around you. With full view of behind the boat while both in forward and reverse, you can stay in the action and keep passenger's safe.

Keeping It Lit

Store your phone, sunglasses, and keys in the deep LED-lit and non-skid lined pocket - just behind the steering wheel.

Feel the Charge

Other favorites include the available InCharge phone holder, RearView Camera, and the ATX keyless ignition.

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There’s only one real way to experience ATX. Let’s rock!

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There’s only one real way to experience ATX. Let’s rock!

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