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Wet Sounds Audio Systems

Rev up the tunes

If you know audio, then you know that Wet Sounds is a leader in marine audio for a reason. You can load your ATX all the way up on audio, or just keep it simple. Turn up the tunes and let the good times roll.

Concert Quality

ATX's Wet Sounds audio system will come pre-tuned and deliver the good times with concert quality. All Wet Sounds and audio components are designed for marine applications with advanced composites and stainless steel components. The entire audio system has been engineered and ergonomically placed throughout each ATX model.


Enjoy your playlist from anywhere on the boat with no strings attached. All you need is your Bluetooth- enabled device. You'll never have to worry about adjusting the volume up or down with RPM-based automatic volume adjusting system.

22 ATX Type S0775 22 2


You can load your ATX all the way with up to six Revo 6.5" cockpit speakers, Sinister Amps, a 12" subwoofer, and up to four exclusively designed ATX10 tower speakers. Or you can keep it simple with the base Wet Sounds system that includes four 6" Recons. Pick your range and turn it up.


The ICON Series is an extreme performance tower speaker designed for those that crave a full mid bass sound and clean detailed highs in a small form factor.

The ICON 8 utilizes an 8 inch continuous cone mid bass driver with a grille mounted pure 1 inch titanium tweeter in a smaller form factor housing size usually found with smaller 6.5 inch speakers.


Learn more about each Wet Sounds sound system below.

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There’s only one real way to experience ATX. Let’s rock!

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There’s only one real way to experience ATX. Let’s rock!

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